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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the cord from the Clone Decoy to the battery?
The Clone Decoy ships with a 6 foot cord. You may purchase additional extension cords in our accessories.
Can you make another species of bird into a Clone Decoy?
At this point in time we are focusing on our current product line which includes the Mallard Decoy, Snow Goose Decoy, Specklebelly Decoy, and Canada Goose Decoy. We will evaluate bringing on additional species in the future.
Does the Clone Decoy come with a remote?
Yes. Each clone decoy is shipped with a remote, cord, storage bag, and stand.
Where is the Battery placed?
Wherever you want it in your decoy spread. The Clone comes with a 6′ cord and additional extension cords can be purchased in our accessories.
Are the Clone Decoys Waterproof?
The Clones are not waterproof, however they are water resistant.
What Type of Battery Do I use?
A 12V Deep Cycle battery with an 8 amp hour minimum is needed to operate the Clones.
How long does a battery last?
A good fully charged battery should last 6-8 hours.
Can I run multiple Clone decoys on one battery?
Yes. You can run up to 12 Clone Decoys on one 12v DC battery.
Where do I get replacement parts?
Replacement parts can be purchased at www.Prairie
How loud are the motors in the Clone Decoys?
Our team has specifically engineered the Generation 2 models (the current model for sale) to reduce noise. Field tests on our Generation 1 models prove that the noise was NOT loud enough to scare the birds. These are deadly effective and noise will not be an issue.